FEFAC Feed Sustainability Charter 2030

At the XXIX FEFAC Congress on 25 September FEFAC launched its Feed Sustainability Charter 2030

The FEFAC Feed Sustainability Charter 2030 Charter is the European feed industry response to the EU Green Deal Objectives affecting EU feed and livestock production. The Charter includes five ambitions to contribute to more sustainable livestock and aquaculture production:

  1. Contribute To Climate-Neutral Livestock & Aquaculture Production Through Feed
  2. Foster Sustainable Food Systems Through Increased Resource & Nutrient Efficiency
  3. Promote Responsible Sourcing Practices
  4. Contribute to Improving Farm Animal Health & Welfare
  5. Enhance the Socio-Economic Environment and Resilience of the Livestock & Aquaculture Sectors

The Charter contains concrete feed sector actions at EU and national level featuring animal nutrition solutions that can help increase the sustainability of livestock farming operations. They are aimed to provide meaningful answers to growing market expectations as well as to increased societal demands at EU and global level. On the road towards 2030, FEFAC will publish annual Feed Sustainability Charter Progress Reports, based on robust sector sustainability indicators, to measure how FEFAC members are implementing impactful, specific feed supply chain actions.

See here for a two-pager explainer of the FEFAC Feed Sustainability Charter 2030

On 10 June 2021 FEFAC published its Charter Progress Report 2021