ATF-FEFAC Horizon 2020 projects stakeholder event

Provisional programme (14:00 to 16:00). Registration will open soon.

Aims of the ATF-FEFAC-Horizon 2020 projects Stakeholder event

  • Disseminate project results, targeted to stakeholders;
  • Engage a dialogue with various stakeholders;
  • Address how research and innovation can support the livestock sector;
  • Provide input to European research and innovation agendas and to public policies to secure Europe’s role as a leading global provider of safe and healthy animal-derived products;
  • Support knowledge development and innovation;
  • Foster ownership by farmers and industries.


Back-to-back to the ATF seminar in the morning. Both events are a follow-up of sessions #07 and #17 of the 2021 EAAP congress in Davos, Switzerland. Physical (University Foundation, Brussels) and remote meeting.  

Welcome, by Frank O’Mara, ATF and a representative of FEFAC. Introduction, by a representative of DG Agri – European Commission.

Pitches of projectsFeed-a-gene (Jaap van Milgen, INRAE), PIGWEB (Jaap van Milgen, INRAE), AgroMix (Sara Burbi, Coventry University), MIXED (Tommy Dalgaard, Aarhus University), OK-Net EcoFeed (Bram Moeskops, IFOAM), and a pitch from Ana Granados (EFFAB) on a cluster of 7 related projects in the genetics area (Gene-SWITCH, GenTORE, GEroNIMO, HoloRuminant, RUMIGEN, PIGWEB, Bov-Reg, Smarter)– insights into projects outcomes- what is in for stakeholders on the common theme, how they are involved. Questions & answersExpectations from the industry in terms of R&I, feedback from the research director of a feeding enterprise (motivations, brakes, incentives…), by Karine Tanan, Cargill & IFIF Working Group on Nutrition Innovation. Brainstorm among participants: “Research and innovation to support the adaptation of livestock farming’s systems and practices“- How to boost stakeholders participation? How did you involve end-users? How did you valorise?- What R&I gaps?- How to manage multidisciplinary approaches? Conclusion, by Frank O’Mara (ATF vision of R&I needed to support livestock adaptation)