Increasing circularity in animal feed: practical results

The participants of the Public Private Partnership (PPP) Circular Bio-economy would like to share with you the results of this 4-year research project. Optimal resource use efficiency and increasing the possibilities to use co-products in animal feed in a safe and sustainable way were primary goals.

New local sourcing strategies were developed to improve the European self-sufficiency of feed ingredients. The webinar details a variation of expert presentations on some topics that were addressed in the PPP. One of its highly interesting activities was the study on the application and nutritional value of processed animal proteins (PAPs) in pig and poultry diets, which also included a quantitative exploration of the acceptance of PAPs by meat consumers.

Other activities focused on technological processes to improve the applicability of feedstuffs and co-products. High mineral levels in certain co-products may limit their use in feed. Therefore, a study on demineralization of co-products was performed. Also, a method to increase the protein content of legumes, such as lupins and faba beans, was investigated. Moreover, you will learn about the possibilities to maximize the inclusion level of liquid co-products such as wheat yeast concentrate in pelleted animal feed! Within the PPP, a practical checklist was developed to assess the potential of new feed ingredients, which is not limited to nutritional, economic and feed safety assessment, but also includes environmental, social, and governmental criteria.

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