FEFAC Charter 2030 Webinar Series

FEFAC has launched a series of public webinars presenting our FEFAC key ambitions laid down in FEFAC’s Sustainability Charter 2030 as presented at our 1st FEFAC livestream Congress in September 2020. FEFAC public communication efforts to highlight our top feed sustainability priorities, effective new tools and tangible commitments of the FEFAC Sustainability Charter 2030. These are designed as our response to the EU Green Deal targets and challenges to the sustainable development of EU Livestock and aquaculture systems.

FEFAC has already launched two of our webinar series, Soy Sourcing Guidelines 2021 and Practical implementation of the PEFCR and GFLI: Delivering feed industry value to livestock & aquaculture customers. The two next webinars are scheduled on 12 April 2021 on Methane emissions and on 19 May 2021 on Animal Nutrition strategies to support animal health and welfare.  

Managing methane emissions in livestock farming / 12 April 2021 from 14.15 to 16.00 hrs

The European Dairy Association (EDA), the European Feed Manufacturers’ Federation (FEFAC) and the European Livestock and Meat Traders & processors Union (UECBV) co-host a webinar on 12 April 2021 to learn more about strategies to manage and reduce methane emissions and what it takes to make them fully operational and accessible for all livestock farmers. The expert debate will also cover important agro-ecological services provided by ruminant animals, in particular for the maintenance of marginal grasslands and carbon sequestration. The webinar will be opened and closed by MEP Asger Christensen, rapporteur for the European Commission methane reduction strategy. Registration for this event will be available next week.

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Animal Health and Welfare: What role for animal nutrition? 19 May 2021 from 9.030 to 11.00 hrs.

Animal health and welfare are key dimensions of the Farm to Fork strategy (F2F) and are instrumental in not only improve the quality of food of animal origin but also reduce the need for medication with antimicrobials on farms and in aquaculture and contribute to preserving biodiversity. Efficient management of animal health and welfare requires a multidisciplinary approach involving geneticists, veterinarians and animal nutritionists. This webinar, organised by EURACTIV with the support from FEFAC and FEFANA, aims at discussing how innovative animal nutrition strategies and solutions can be more effectively deployed at a farm level to improve animal health and welfare. How can the EU stimulate and support innovation in animal nutrition to successfully address societal demands for sustainable animal products and animal welfare? And how can the potential of the feed sector be fully exploited through better regulation?

European Commissioner for Public Health and Food Safety, Commissioner Stella Kyriakides has kindly agreed to provide an opening statement to explain the Farm to Fork targets on Animal Health and welfare to this Hi-level webinar with experts from FAO, Copa-Cogeca, national authorities (CVO from Denmark) and the feed industry 

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FEFAC also plan for a webinar on Greenhouse Gas Reduction Potential of Compound Feed in September and a workshop on Nutrient Efficiency In Feeding Systems in November.