FEFAC launches Feed Chats

Mr Nick Major, Corporate Affairs Director ForFarmers and Chair GFLI, was the guest for the first episode with Anton van den Brink, Senior Policy & Communications Manager at FEFAC, moderating the session. The launch discussed a webinar FEFAC and AFIA are holding on 19 October about feed industry solutions to contribute to the reduction of GHG emissions in the livestock sector. More information on the webinar can be found here.

When asked why FEFAC & AFIA are hosting this event on 19 October. Mr Major replied that we are at a pivotal point with the UN Food Systems Summit and COP26 coming up in October/November and the ongoing Farm to Fork negotiations, the livestock sector will remain under scrutiny to ensure its aim to reach carbon neutrality.

When asked about the key messaging behind the webinar Nick replied that “the feed industry is part of the solution and not the problem and we need to demonstrate that to our key stakeholders by showing the initiatives and tool kits that we have been developing over the years including the GFLI Database and the Product Environmental Footprint (PEF).

Mr Major commented on what the compound feed manufacturers can do within their own control to have an impact on reducing the environmental footprint. He emphasized looking at energy use in terms of manufacturing and production along with the fuel to deliver the feed to the farmers. He also stated “to start with what you can control” and to “take a look at where your raw materials come from and what contribution they make to the carbon footprint”.

The final statement from the session from Mr Major is to use this Webinar in October to show what we can do in terms of innovation and don’t always bring the debate down to less meat consumption or reduced livestock numbers.

The episode was launched on FEFAC’s social media channels TwitterLinkedIn and YouTube

FEFAC has also created a dedicated webpage that hosts all episodes of Feed Chats here.