Job Opening For EFFPA Policy Advisor


EFFPA represents the former foodstuffs processing sector at EU level. Former foodstuff processors convert food losses from food manufacturers and retailers into animal feed for food-producing animals. Please see this animation video for an explanation of what former foodstuff processing is and how it contributes to sustainable food & feed systems and sustainable livestock and aquaculture production. 

EFFPA is still a fairly young organisation, having been founded in 2014. It currently holds membership in Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, The Netherlands, Spain & the UK, with also international members from Canada and the USA. 

About the role of EFFPA Policy Advisor

The EFFPA Policy Advisor contributes to the policy objectives that the organisation has set out. There is still unlocked potential in the positioning of former foodstuff processing as a key solution to achieving more sustainable food systems in the context of the Farm to Fork Strategy, which will continue to receive a lot of attention in the coming years. The policy advisor would be closely involved with topics such as the potential of animal feeding to prevent food waste, the boosting of the food chain circular economy and the reduction of GHG emissions in sustainable feed production. At the same time, regulatory and non-regulatory feed safety aspects are part of the job.

Working for the former foodstuff processing sector as policy advisor, you explore further opportunities to position the sector’s activities in the EU Green Deal agenda that would benefit the EFFPA membership and you engage with relevant stakeholders such as the European Commission and chain partner organisations. The EFFPA Policy Advisor is expected to play a central role in the daily management of this EU trade association. This includes a great diversity of tasks, which can be explored based on progress made, such as internal & external meeting preparation, internal reporting, (online) event management and public communication. 

The position of EFFPA Policy Advisor provides an entry-level job for people keen to develop skills and experience within an EU trade association that actively engages with agricultural and livestock production sectors. The position provides a learning environment with opportunities for knowledge development and network building in the agri-food related sector in Brussels. The EFFPA Policy Advisor works under the guidance and supervision of the EFFPA Executive Director.


The EFFPA secretariat is hosted by FEFAC, the European Feed Manufacturers Association, who therefore is the direct employer. The EFFPA Policy Advisor will be part of the FEFAC Team from the very beginning and will be expected to provide direct support to projects and files handled by the FEFAC Sustainability Committee. Examples are the further development of the vision on Circular Feed, the sourcing of responsibly produced soy and environmental footprinting. The EFFPA Policy Advisor will be expected to take a leading role on files where FEFAC and EFFPA have a synergetic interest.

Qualities and experience sought

The job position requires a university-level degree and a generalist, versatile mind-set. Initial professional experience in a field related to agriculture, food production, environment and /or working experience at EU institutions is an asset. An interest in the broader topic of sustainability would be very useful. Having a basic understanding of the EU legislative process is desirable. Working for an EU association means good writing, verbal, negotiation & organisational skills are critical as well as being comfortable with using modern communication technology. A fluent level of English both in writing and oral speech is key, speaking other European languages in addition is a plus. 

What we offer

  • full time position (38hrs/week).
  • working in the diverse and dynamic working environment of an EU trade association provides highly stimulating professional challenges and opportunities to develop/manage work projects.
  • being involved in the sustainable transition of livestock and aquaculture production in times when a EU Sustainable Food Systems Framework will be developed

How to apply

The EFFPA secretariat is hosted by FEFAC, the European Feed Manufacturers Association. Send your CV and motivation letter to by 23 November 2022 (please note that the deadline has been updated due to a high influx of applications). 

FEFAC is an equal opportunities employer. We are committed to non-discrimination, diversity and inclusion; all qualified applicants will receive fair consideration regardless of gender, race, religious beliefs, nationality, ethnic/national origin, sexual orientation, age, marital status, disability and minority status.

This position is open to EU and non-EU citizens.