Joint Statement on the European Parliament plenary vote on the Farm to Fork Strategy

Yesterday, the European Parliament voted on its Farm to Fork own initiative report. Food chain
actors acknowledge the signal sent by this vote but regret the climate in which the vote took
place. We talked about everything but the actual means and solutions when it comes to
addressing the multiple blind spots this strategy has created.

Food chain actors all agree with the main goals set out in the Farm to Fork Strategy, we know
that changes are necessary, and we remain committed to playing our part in the path towards a
transition to a more sustainable food system. Indeed we are already all working in that direction.
What we are currently lacking however is new tools and a clearer roadmap. The 2030 deadline is
looming, and changes cannot be assimilated overnight.

We are now waiting for concrete proposals from the Commission, especially on the blind spots
identified in the ongoing debate such as on the effects of carbon leakage, European strategic
autonomy, or consumer prices. With this in mind we also welcome the clear signal sent by the
Parliament calling on the European Commission to prepare a comprehensive impact assessment
evaluating the impact of its strategy. The data overview presented by the Commission earlier this
week would be a great starting point for such a study.