New FEFAC position papers on tackling embedded deforestation

FEFAC has developed a joint position paper with FEDIOL and COCERAL in the context of the European Commission public consultation “Deforestation and Forest Products Impact Assessment”. At the same time, FEFAC has endorsed a collective position paper initiated by the Tropic Forest Alliance.

In both position papers, a strong focus is laid on finding a ‘smart mix’ of supply-side and demand-side initiatives and measures to protect and restore the world’s forests. The objective to limit imports and increase domestic production is unrealistic and the EU should carefully balance the implementation of measures at consumption level in order to avoid possible unintended consequences on its supply of essential raw materials.

We recognise that some of the foreseen measures – such as a deforestation-free standard or mandatory labelling – would trigger higher operation costs on the industry. Producers do not receive sufficient reward for their efforts in sustainable production, because those are not translated into obtaining higher prices along the value chain up to the consumer. Instead, the wrong framework could steer investments into logistical solutions that facilitate risk avoidance.

Both joint position paper can found in the Recent Position Papers section.