Registration now open for Webinar: Managing Methane Emissions in Livestock

FEFAC, the European Feed Manufacturers’ Federation, is pleased to announce the event programme and speakers of our webinar: Managing methane emissions in livestock on April 12 at 14:15 CET is confirmed. We are in particular highly pleased to confirm the participation of Mr Asger Christensen MEP, Rapporteur of the European Parliament for the European Commission methane reduction strategy. 

This third event of the FEFAC Charter 2030 Webinar Series, is co-hosted by the European Dairy Association (EDA), and the European Livestock and Meat Traders & Processors Union (UECBV). 

Our three organisations invite you to attend our webinar and learn more about what animal nutrition strategies can do to reduce methanogenesis during enteric fermentation. The expert debate will also address important agro-ecological services provided by ruminant animals, in particular, for the maintenance of marginal grasslands and carbon sequestration. 

Use this link to secure your spot at our live webinar: