Ruud Tijssens elected as IFIF Chair (2021 - 2023)

Ruud Tijssens, Royal Agrifirm and FEFAC Board member, was elected as new chairperson of IFIF at the IFIF General Assembly meeting held on 21 September 2021 for two years.

The IFIF General Assembly elected Ruud Tijssens, Royal Agrifirm and FEFAC Board member, as new IFIF chair for the next  two-year term until 2023. He succeeds Daniel Bercovici who held the position as outgoing iFIF chair since 2017. 

Ruud Tijssens referred to very contrasting developments on livestock and feed production in different world regions, characterised by strong growth mainly in developing countries in Asia and Africa and structural decline in other parts of the world. IFIF needs to reflect these different perspectives and take them into account when developing the global feed industry positions and contributions. He highlighted two key priorities, pointing to the excellent work and relationship with FAO CODEX Alimentarius and OIE in the area of food safety and animal health, which needs to continue. He also pointed to growing need to expand IFIF activities and networking with other UN bodies involved in the global climate change debate and sustainability challenge as this will affect our feed and livestock sector activities in all world regions.

The IFIF General Assembly also elected the new Board and Executive Committee and adopted its work programme and budget for 2022. Asbjørn Børsting was reelected as FEFAC representative on the IFIF Board and Executive Committee. 

Read the full IFIF Press Release here.