Video: What the Global Feed LCA Institute (GFLI) can do for you?

GFLI is a non-profit organization looking for support to improve Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) data on animal feed raw materials. The Institute’s aim is to support the feed sector’s efforts to reduce the environmental footprint of animal feed by providing high-quality, uniformly calculated LCA data on feed raw materials. The more animal feed companies and associations that join GFLI, the clearer the signal to the market and society. The lower the impact of animal feed, the better the environmental performance of meat, dairy, eggs, and farmed fish.

With the help of worldwide data, which complies with international and European guidelines, CO2 emissions can be calculated for each animal feed composition. This insight offers opportunities to reduce the environmental impact of animal feed, which benefits the entire animal production chain. The composition of animal feed represents about 65 to 85% of the ecological footprint of meat, dairy and eggs.

Watch the video below, in which GFLI chairman Nick Major explains the ambition and approach of GFLI.

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