Good Practices

Guidance on good industry practices issued by FEFAC itself or in collaboration with organisations representing chain partners

Code of good practice for the labelling of compound feed for food producing animals

Joint Copa-Cogeca & FEFAC Code of Practice developed jointly by endorsed by the EU Commission in 2018 in accordance with article 26 of Regulation (EC) No 767/2009

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Code of practice for labelling of feed additives and premixtures

Joint EMFEMA, FEFAC & FEFANA Code of Practice from 2014 on good labelling practices for feed additives and premixtures manufacturers.

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EU Code of Conduct on Agricultural Data Sharing by Contractual Agreement

Code of Conduct was jointly developed in 2018 by CEETTAR, CEJA, CEMA, COPA-COGECA, ECPA, EFFAB, ESA, FEFAC and Fertilizers Europe and endorsed by AnimalhealthEurope and CLIMMAR in 2019 promoting the benefits of sharing data and enables agri-business models, including agri-cooperatives and other agri-businesses, to swiftly move into an era of digitally enhanced farming.

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European Feed Manufacturers' Guide - EFMC

FEFAC Guide to good manufacturing practices for the EU industrial compound feed & premixtures manufacturing sector for food-producing animals . Version 1.2 was published in November 2014, upgrading the version from 2007.

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EPRUMA Best-practice framework for the use of antimicrobials in food-producing animals in the EU

Upgraded guidance on the use of antimicrobials in food-producing animals from November 2015.

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National QA Systems

List of national codes of practices developed on the basis of the EFMC.

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