Save the date: FEFAC - ATF workshop on EU research in animal nutrition on 18 November afternoon

FEFAC in partnership with the Animal Task Force (ATF) holds a hybrid workshop on EU research in relation to animal nutrition in the EU on 18 November afternoon, with presentations of (interim) reports by managers of several consortia running EU research projects in relation to animal feed. An opportunity for the FEFAC spokeswoman, Karine Tanan, to also remind the importance of innovation in animal nutrition to face the many challenges of the EU Farm to Fork strategy, in particular in relation to the reduction of the needs for antimicrobials. See event details here.

The Animal Task Force, which FEFAC is a member of, has become, in few years, an essential voice when it comes to the need for decision-makers to invest in public research to support the transition towards a more sustainable EU livestock system and to define the directions that public research should take. There are many EU Research Projects that include a feed dimension, either as a main (and only) focus (e.g. for the Feed-a-gene project or SEASOLUTIONS regarding the use of seaweeds and seaweed-ingredients to reduce enteric methane emissions) or as one focus among others, such as for the ROADMAP project on alternative strategies to antimicrobials. The workshop on 18 November afternoon will offer an opportunity to some consortia to present their research projects and a progress (or final) report, the focus being put mainly on new, alternative feed resources.

Please also note that on 18 November morning, ATF will hold its annual seminar (also in hybrid format) on the topic “Going beyond the Feed vs Food competition: crops and animals together to address food and nutrition security, which is a follow-up of the one-day symposium of the ATF & EAAP Livestock Farming Systems Study Commission, EAAP Annual Meeting in Davos on August 30th, 2021 – presentations available on ATF website). Anton van den Brink will, on this occasion, deliver a presentation on the vision from the EU feed industry on the potentials of by-products in the EU in animal feed.

We encourage FEFAC Member Associations and their own members to save the date for this event.